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Let me show you how to BURST the chains of an Enslaved Society of Sheep and FINALLY become a winner!

Sick of society and people controlling you?

It is time to UNSLAVE you, and build a COVID-proof life in which you can do whatever you want. Success! women, cars, status, and everything you want from life!

Here's what you'll get if you join the League of Shadows today:

  • Bend reality to your will - By learning the dark reality of how you are controlled every day of your life, you will develop the tools to control life, people, and yourself for your desired outcomes.

  • Become unconquerable - Within the INVICTA Program, you will discover how to create a mindset that is completely UNPHAZED by anything.

  • Obedient women - You want sex? We teach you how to get from women EVERYTHING YOU want.

  • Build your empire - A powerful man is a wealthy man. Learn EXACTLY how to escape the 9-5 meat grinder with proven techniques. We're not here to make a few bucks selling eBooks online. We build EMPIRES.

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Usually $99/month
Yours starting from $15/month!

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Let Me Show You How to UNCHAIN Yourself from the Evil Shackles of a Corrupt Society With a few Simple Steps...

Dear Friend,

If you're sick of feeling held back from who you want to become by your friends, family, boss, or society...
and want to start taking control of your life... by mastering your emotions, harnessing your dark side, and creating an unstoppable mindset,

Then you owe it to yourself to look into

The League of Shadows

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Inside, you will learn...

  • How to tap into your Dark Side and learn how to transform your anger, frustration, and rage into momentum, supercharging your life into charming more hotter women, making more money, and creating freedom from your job and society.

  • Unusual mental hacks that I use to overcome procrastination and vices. Urges and procrastination comes from a lack of training with your brain. If it is not disciplined and rewarded correctly, then it will be like your child growing up to be uncontrollable and doing things that he shouldn't do. I teach you how to take control your brain so you can laser-focus and unlimited motivation towards your dreams and goals.

  • The easiest way to destroy your 'nice guy' mentality and remove the need to please people in every aspect of your life.

  • Simple ways to rebuild yourself to become more assertive, courageous, fun, and attack life head on.

  • How to create that alpha masculine presence that women love. Women are attracted to those who are capable and can protect them. They can sense this subconsciously and that is the alpha masculine presence that most men do not have. I teach you how to cultivate this aura through training your mentality, physical combat, and mastering your emotions.

  • Applicable lessons and steps to not be controlled in society and bend reality to your will

  • Learn how to dominate conversations and improve your storytelling.

  • How to improve your emotional control and become competent in all areas of life. Being physically, emotionally, and mentally unphased to any threats and setbacks.

huge powerful building

Who am I to make such promises?

alexander graves smoking cigar

My name is Alexander Graves and I run SELFCONQUERING.COM

I have spent many years figuring out the REAL truths of nature, man and woman, money, and success.

Then I launched SELFCONQUERING to help men succeed in this brutal world.

However, I quickly realized that a bunch of blog posts are not direct enough. That is why I created the League of Shadows.

You will learn how to master your dark emotions and be able to use it in a real life setting.

Psychopathy, Narcissism, and Machiavellism are ways that you can use your dark emotions to achieve your goals or program others to do what you need.

You will be blown away how easily you've been unconsciously programmed your whole life.

Sooner or later, you will be able to detect when others attempt to influence you and deflect them instantly. That's the definition of you being UNFUCKABLE.

If needed, when you spend more time learning within these halls, you will be able to apply these dark persuasion and influence skills to others.

Whether it's women, business, or yourself, you will become unstoppable... just like James Bond.

Can you imagine how AWESOME your life will be as soon as you MASTER your Dark Side?

Find like-minded brothers

You cannot survive and thrive alone. When you join our halls, you will be greeted with brothers who are on the same mission as you.

  • MEN who are looking to self-improve ruthlessly.

  • MEN who are looking to become more assertive, desired, and unplugged.

  • MEN who want to get to the next level by controlling their Dark Side, Emotions, and Destiny

  • MEN who want to become respected and powerful from all

You, like me, can imagine how quickly you will become a real alpha male with a powerful dark side that fuels your discipline and motivation to achieve ANYTHING when you have all that FORCE from your brothers helping and motivating you ALL the way.

I will provide you the direction.
Your brothers will provide the fuel for your success.

alexander graves smoking cigar
alexander graves smoking cigar

The Shadow Library

I create weekly videos with hidden knowledge to MASTER your life in all areas. You get access to ALL of them as soon as you join.

Here is what you get so far:

  • The IMPETUS Program which helps you FINALLY find the meaning in your life. Your divine purpose.

  • The IMPERATOR Program which contains the 9 dark traits and how to USE them to control your life and others:

  • Egoism, Machiavellianism, Moral Disengagement, Narcissism, Entitlement, Psychopathy, Sadism, Spitefulness, Self-Interest

  • Psychopathy explained with real life psychopaths (Dan Pena, Elon Musk)

  • How to Make Money Online and build a recession-proof EMPIRE

  • Mental Resilience Masterclass (INVICTA Program) (6-weeks)

  • Make her Submit - How to turn your wife into a submissive Sex-Kitten

  • Podcast with the Martial Arts Master Trevor Clarkson and his SOS Technique (Self-Offense Solutions)

Each one of these has over 30 minutes of video content. With real-life examples.

HOURS of video content overall, together with ALL my books for free, and the Telegram Community which has even more content.

Plus, upcoming topics:

  • How to make women obedient

  • How to ACTUALLY achieve your dreams (the mindset mistake you're making)

  • Definite Detachment

  • Higher Consciousness

  • Martial Arts Basics

  • Meditation techniques and how to FULLY live in the present

  • And much more...

You are lucky to be here today! There is a bonus...

impetus course

Today $0!


The IMPETUS Program

Impetus, noun.
"The force or energy with which a body moves."

Without PURPOSE, you have no WILL to live.

You have no DRIVE to do anything.

What is YOUR point of life?

What is YOUR goal?

Why do you do these things?

Impetus is designed to help you EASILY find your meaning in life. Your purpose. Your impetus. With this program you will know EXACTLY what you need to do in your life!

DISCIPLINE and MOTIVATION will NEVER be an issue for you ever again.

imperator program

Today $0!


Imperator, noun.
"The Latin word for chief in command, ruler. The English word Emperor is derived from that."

The Imperator program is the dark program, society doesn't want you to know about.

In it, you will learn what the 9 dark traits are, why any man incorporates some of them, and how to use them to your own benefit.

If you apply the lessons in IMPERATOR, you will be able to bend reality to your will, make people do what you want, and finally understand how you have been controlled all your life!

This program is NOT for the faint-hearted! It is a deep dive into BRUTAL reality of man and society.

If you want to keep living in your safe bubble, rather don't watch it.

The INVICTA Program

Invicta, noun.
Latin for "unconquerable"

Conquerors of the past had a mindset that was virtually indomitable. Nobody could change their mind towards their purpose and meaning.

Building such a resilient mind that isn't changed by external influences is the FOUNDATION of success.

The INVICTA program will break down your current view of yourself, and then build you from the ground up!

This is a 6-week powerful program to set you up for success!

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Today $0!

make her submit program

Today $0!

Make her submit

Create your own obedient Sex-Kitten!

When it comes to women, you've been told MANY lies when you grew up. This is EXACTLY why it still doesn't work out with them.

Within the Make her SUBMIT Course, you will learn how to turn your CURRENT woman into the kinky, hot, sex-kitten you always wanted.

This course contains a PROVEN Step-by-step guide to make you a desirable man again so your girl cannot get enough of you.

Once that is the case, you will quickly realize how easy it is to get more from her than just sex.

Already $179 in programs FREE within the League of Shadows!

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Own Your Shit Mental Rebuilding

Your whole life has been a LIE. A lie that that society has fabricated so you become a SLAVE.

Inside The League Of Shadows, you will CRUSH all your false beliefs and rebuild yourself into A Man of The Dark.

You will be able to Identify weaknesses you've never noticed, Negative programming that has distorted your mindset, And easily mold your identity to become whoever you want to be.

When you join today, you will understand why I've never taught these trainings EVER outside of The League of Shadows.

alexander graves smoking cigar

Be violence prepared

The real world is brutal and harsh. Those who are unprepared will be taken advantaged of.

You will become a man that can handle any physical confrontation, become proficient in any weapon, be always calm and calculated, and be always violence prepared.

You will be THE man that ALL girls want and gain the charisma that sucks the energy out of the room.

However, this won't be easy. Your body, mind, and spirit will be tested with all your comfort zones, destroyed.

You will be a changed man, a REAL man within WEEKS of being in this hall and with your brothers.

The more you invest in learning The League of Shadows Way, the more of a man you will become.

I will be surprised if there was a faster way to become The Capable Man in the physical, emotional, and violence prepared realms.


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league of shadows testimonial
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What this group is

This is a group of MEN who want to learn how to control themselves, and in turn their lives.
How to USE the dark traits any man inherits, instead if being consumed by it.
If you are DETERMINED to truly change your life, and if you are willing to SACRIFICE your current lifestyle and mindset, then you should join to SUPERCHARGE your life.

What it NOT is

This group is NOT:

  • A pickup artist group

  • A bitter red pill self-help group

  • A get rich quick scheme

  • A fake-it-till-you-make-it-group

Within the League, we only teach you valuable REAL-LIFE skills.
You will have to walk the walk any other successful person did.
I don't promise anything here, because it solely depends on your DETERMINATION to achieve. We just give you the tools.

Deshi of the Dark

  • Access to ALL courses and upcoming courses, as well as all my books

  • Entrance Into The Secret Community of the League

  • Direct Access to me

$199 one time

$15/month - 7 Day Free Trial

Adept of the Dark

  • Access to ALL courses and upcoming courses, as well as all my books

  • Entrance Into The Secret Community of the League

  • Community Calls & Group Mentorship on the Weekly Lessons (You also get access to ALL prior lessons)

  • Direct Access to me and personal coaching

$399 one time

$25/month - 7 Day Free Trial

Frequently Asked Questions

"How does this all work?"

After you joined, you will get access to the Dark Libraries on There you find all the past courses for free, and you will see all new courses happening.
You will also get access to the Telegram Group, this is where we talk, plan, and succeed! And the place where you get direct access to me!
Weekly Mentorship calls will be via Zoom.

"Will Alexander Graves coach me?"

If you sign up to the Adept of the Dark Tier, you will get weekly Mentorship Coaching calls with him directly, yes.
You also can ask him directly via DMs on Telegram.
1-on-1 coaching is an extra program you can get here.

"Will I become evil?"

This is not a cult.
While we talk about the dark realities of life and how you are being controlled every single day of your life, our goal is to make a successful man out of you who enjoys life.
We don't like the bitter redpill lifestyle, where you hate everyone and everything. We seek masculinity with pleasure!

"Are there additional costs?"

Every course within the League of Shadows will be free for you. Including upcoming courses.

"Can I just leave if I don't like it?"

Of course. Cancel anytime for free.
We won't send assassins after you. Or so I'm told...

"Is there a money-back guarantee?"

No, because you get free access to all courses (over $150 value) from the moment you join.
But there is a free trial, you can cancel your subscription before payment without issue.

Master your Dark Side
Master your Reality

There is no finish line in this game of life. The primary objective is to keep playing and surviving.

Together, inside, we plot the best moves available in your current position.

You will never have to search ANYWHERE ELSE to becoming a man, ever again.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Situational Awareness, and Violence Prepared.

Can you think of ANYWHERE else where you can learn all of THIS together?

All of THIS is what is NEEDED to become a real man. Anything else is weakness, weakness that can get you killed or humiliated by more powerful men.

THIS is what we teach in The League of Shadows.

We Prepare in Calm.
We Dominate in Survival.
We Thrive in Chaos.

We are The Men Of The Dark.

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